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Audition Audio and Hybrid Auto Salon Announce Collaboration

By on Sep 6, 2014 in Audition Audio |

Atlanta, GA – Audition Audio announces that it has agreed to acquire the award-winning vehicle customization, fabrication, and audio system integration company Hybrid Auto Salon, whose founders have been fundamentally involved in many of the highest performing audio systems in the world.

Audition Audio was established in 1975. In those 40 years of operation, Audition has set out to be the best facility for mobile electronics sales and installation in the southeast USA. Passionate about car audio, Audition is proud to claim more car audio World Championship wins than any other retailer in the southeast. In the past two years, Audition has experienced rapid growth more than doubling revenue in that time period. In addition, was just named a Top 12 Retailer by Mobile Electronics Magazine and is the only facility in Georgia to have two Top 100 Installers working on solutions for customers.

Hybrid Auto Salon was co-founded in 2013 by Scott Buwalda and Dwayne Blackwood. Buwalda is the founder and CEO of Hybrid Audio Technologies as well, and since inception has become the high-end speaker brand of choice for car audio dealers, audiophiles, and championship car audio competitors around the world. In just one year, the amount of great sounding and looking systems to take shape from Hybrid Auto Salon have been staggering. This includes a demonstration vehicle that breaks all the rules, being built for Hybrid Audio Technologies, to be debuted at CES 2015.

Audition will acquire Hybrid Auto Salon’s existing client backlog, and move into the space currently occupied by Hybrid Auto Salon. Current Salon employees Dwayne Blackwood and Justin Marks will join Audition and expand our existing fabrication, installation and customization staff members. Both Blackwood and Marks have been fabricating show-stopping interiors and audio systems for a combined 35+ years, including Blackwood’s fox body Mustang that debuted with high acclaim at Spring Break Nationals in 2002 and has held residence at Audition Audio for the past year.

By incorporating the work space, tools, and talent from Hybrid Auto Salon into Audition Audio, it will make for a truly formidable union that will build on the strengths of both. Furthermore, Audition Audio will become a flagship dealer for Hybrid Audio Technologies, and will continue the tradition of being a fundamental part of making great looking, and great sounding, audio builds.

Scott Buwalda, founder and Managing Director of Hybrid Auto Salon noted “I am pleased with the synergy between the two companies, and look forward to how we can help each other grow in the coming months and years.”

Ben Vollmer, Managing Director of Audition Audio stated “Clients today still demand the highest level of work on ALL of their vehicles. By adding the vast talent and facilities of the Hybrid Auto Salon to Audition, we can now offer client solution’s that are truly out of the box. Having been a Hybrid Audio Technologies retailer since the inception of Hybrid Audio Technologies, we are pleased to welcome the team to Audition and can’t wait to help clients realize the full breadth of solutions available as a result of this collaboration.”

The collaboration will be effective October 1, 2014. For more information, please visit the company’s websites at http://auditioncar.com/ and www.theautosalon.co.