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When you come into Audition Audio and Electronics you will see we are different. We know you don’t want somebody working on one of your largest investments that just took a two week class and is now a “certified” installer. We know what you want is an expert who has been there and done that before.

So our solutions are all grouped around what your needs are. We aren’t going to try and sell you a complete system when all you want is a basic upgrade. And if you want something truly special, we are able to consult with you to make sure your car, boat or motorcycle sounds like a concert to you!

We also will group our solutions by stages, which allow you to select which level of performance you expect out of the system.


Stage 1 is the easiest system to step into. Stage 1 systems may feature some but not all of the features that Stage 2 items include.

Stage 2 is our middle of the line system design. It features tried and true functionality and offers the best bang for your buck.

Stage 3 is what you need if you are craving cutting edge design, functionality and performance.

Stage 4 is an elite stage that is generally reserved for hard core competitors and audiophiles. Many of these items may be lacking in functionality but make up for it in no holds barred performance.

We invite you to come to our facility and look at the solutions first hand. We look forward to seeing you!