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Handsfree Calling

Bluetooth devices to help you talk and drive smarter

They are the mantras of defensive driving and driver’s education courses – keep your hands at ten and two; hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Those common-sense instructions are easy to remember and sound easy to do, but in today’s always-connected world, most people don’t want to turn off their phone when driving.

If safety isn’t enough to persuade some drivers to keep their hands on the wheel, the government wants to persuade them. New laws are popping up across the United States and in many other countries that make texting or talking on a phone in your hand while driving illegal, threatening stiff fines for anyone caught.

Fortunately, there are many new products to help you keep your hands on the wheel while you talk and drive. These allow you to answer and make calls without ever touching your phone. Some operate with voice recognition, meaning you never even have to touch the device, making it truly hands-free by operating it just with your voice.

Some hands-free car systems can even import all the contacts, appointments, and other information from your phone, letting you view them on your car’s display. You can often phone contacts with a voice command — just by saying “Phone home,” for example.


Cell Phone Safety Benefits of Bluetooth Headsets


Cell phone safety is a topic in the health debate. Experts are still studying whether there’s any risk to holding a cell phone to your head while talking, but they agree on one thing: Using a wireless headset dramatically reduces any chance of a health risk. Virtually all cell phones include Bluetooth technology, making them easy to use with a Bluetooth wireless headset.

A typical mobile phone transmits with 1 watt of power, while a Bluetooth headset transmits with only about 1/1000 of that power (1mW). A headset has to send a signal only a few feet from your ear to your phone, but cell phone towers are often a mile or more apart, so your phone has to send a much more powerful signal to reach them.

There is no need to hold a cell phone to your ear – Bluetooth wireless headsets offer a safer solution.