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Marine Audio and Video

If your boat is big or small, we have worked on them all. Everything from Personal Watercraft to Houseboats and Yachts, we have worked on them. We can help you with a system from the very simple to the very complex.

The needs of marine audio are very different from that of cars. So with that, Audition Audio works with you to help identify your needs. Marine Audio systems are designed and manufactured to survive on the water and in generally harsh conditions.

Using special coatings and materials on speakers, amplifiers and other components, Audition Audio can help make sure you get the best sound for your needs!

Projects have includes:

Adding Wake Board Speakers

Replacing or Adding Amplifiers, Speakers and Subwoofers

Integration of Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone and Android Smartphone Devices.

For more complex or larger projects, we have done multiple zone systems where each deck can listen to its own source, adding multiple subwoofers and or speakers as well as upgrading the video adding in High Definition Screens in multiple locations.