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Upgrade your Radio

The 3 most important things to consider in a radio upgrade:

◾Size – There are two sizes of radios for the most part, Din and Double Din, you have probably already seen these before. The first thing to decide once you know you want to upgrade your stereo is which size you are going to go with. Many Double Din radio feature a touchscreen which makes controlling the song selection or menus of the system much easier. Single Din radios are often less expensive than Double Dins and can usually have a pocket for storage installed beneath them and they often feature a removable faceplate for theft deterrence.

◾Connectivity – One of the biggest reasons to upgrade your radio is to gain connectivity for your devices. Some important features to look for are USB input for iPod and other portable media device playback, Bluetooth for handsfree phone calling and audio streaming, Satellite Radio and HD radio capabilities, and standard auxiliary inputs are all commonly sought after features. But, the important thing is that you get a radio with the features you need personally, not only now but in the near future as well.

◾Upgradability – Some of the things that you need to know about your new radio that could be a deal breaker typically lie just below the surface on most websites so it is important to visit your local professional to help guide you toward a radio that will work not only with what you have now but what you may want to add on later. Some such things are pre-amp outputs which are used to run aftermarket amplifiers. Certain radios may have as much as 4 pairs, while others will only have a very limiting 1 pair of pre outs. Mistakenly buying this radio may leave you with buyers remorse before long.


Having great products is one thing…


but knowing how to install them correctly makes all the difference in the world! Possibly one of the most annoying things is getting in your car to use your fancy new bluetooth system on your new radio only to have the person on the other end of the phone complain about you sounding like you are in a tunnel or hearing themselves echo. Or maybe trying to figure out how to set your clock and all of your radio presets is your personal pet peeve. We take all of these things into consideration before even making a recommendation for you, during the installation and also after the installation when we are showing you how to use your new system. Don’t be left out in the cold trying to figure out how to operate the radio you bought on that discount website, shop locally and get your money’s worth!