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Vehicle Security & Convenience

When you talk with many people about vehicle security, they tend to immediately think about the honking horn and annoying siren of alarms of yesteryear that did nothing other than annoy other people and did nothing to protect the vehicle owner’s vehicle or belongings.

At Audition Audio and Electronics, we tend to take a much more holistic approach to vehicle security. Vehicle security isn’t just about alarms and remote starters, we also realize that security also comes from a wide variety of other sources.

With that in mind, we offer you options such as in vehicle monitoring to make sure your teenager is safe driving. We also offer the ability for you to get text or email alerts when vehicle speed, braking or even distance from home are exceeded.

Texting and Driving or Distracted Driving is the leading killer of teenagers in cars today. Audition Audio offers you the ability to be able to make your car a safe zone by disabling automatically texts from being sent or received while the vehicle is in motion.

In addition, we have the latest in remote vehicle monitoring. Want to check on your car’s security? We can allow you to monitor it in a bi-directional manner from not only more than one mile away, but anywhere on the globe.

We also offer the latest in Radar and Laser countermeasures. Click here for our section devoted to Laser and Radar countermeasures.

Come in today and we can show you how to make your vehicle safer and more secure no matter the scenario you face.