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Radar Protection

Audition Audio and Electronics understands that more and more many communities are turning local police forces into revenue generation engines instead of a means of protecting their local communities.

With that in mind, Audition is pleased to be able to help equip your vehicle with the latest in protection against not only Radar but also the latest in Laser speed measurement.

We can help provide protection with GPS powered units that automatically block false signals, but also learn the roads you drive and adjust sensitivity, and provide the longest range possible.

We can do everything from a simple installation of your protection via a hard wire connection to your vehicle electrical connection to a complete concealed system. In some vehicles, we can even hard wire the system into your in-vehicle information system so that nothing is visible in your vehicle.

Our goal is to fully integrate the system into your vehicle so it blends in completely. While we tend to work with brands only sold through specialty facilities like Audition Audio, we can use your existing radar detector, securely and safely mount and blend it into your vehicle no matter what you drive!