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What are stages?

At Audition Audio, we tend to think of components and systems as stages. Doing this helps you as a consumer select the right components that make the most sense for your budget and needs.

StagesStage 1 – To call these systems entry level would be a disservice to this stage. All of the Audition Stage 1 components are hand selected by the Audition Audio expert staff to provide the best dollar to performance ratios available. They may not provide all features of other Stages, but will provide solid performance for years to come.

Stage 2 – If you want some cutting edge features and solid performance, this is the Stage for you. Stage 2 systems include many of the cutting edge features you demand at a reasonable cost. They provide many upgrades features, with many of the head units include Bluetooth hands free and Bluetooth streaming. Many of the mobile video units include games and auxiliary inputs.

Stage 3 – If you crave the highest in performance and features, then Stage 3 is the stage for you. Products in this stage are designed to perform! In addition many of them include features you can’t find in any other stages, including DVD playback, Built In GPS, and much more equalization and crossover control than the lower stages. Amplifiers and Speakers in this stage will be high performing, with multiple channels, running either in an active or passive speaker and crossover configuration.

Stage 4 – This is the cost no object stage. This stage is suitable for high end competition. They may not as many features lower stage items, they will excel at sound quality. They will have the best D/A converters, output stages, and most flexibility for system configuration. These items are for the serious audiophile or competitor.